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phen.goldFor anyone looking for a genuine PhenGold review, I would suggest to read each and every word written here, simply because as compared to several PhenGold reviews published this one tells about my own practical experience with this supplement.

When you search for PhenGold reviews online, you will find favorable responses and testimonials for this weight loss product for a good reason. PhenGold is very different from Phentermine. Phentermine has received extreme popularity due to its power to suppress hunger and burn extra fat from the body. However, it has many side effects on the body too.

PhenGold has been created after years of research in FDA registered labs in the United States of America to find the right method to leverage the benefits of Phentermine without side effects. Phen Gold has everything you will get from phentermine except the negative effects. So now you can reduce fat and pounds without any worries or consequences for your health.

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What is PhenGold exactly?

PhenGold is a pharmacy grade fat burner that synthesizes natural compounds and hormones in the body that decrease the capability of the body to store excess of fat. So the final result is rapid weight loss. You will experience a loss of 3-4 pounds a week. There are many people who lose about 10 pounds in a week whereas some other are easily able to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

I have experienced quick results with Phen Gold, you can in fact feel the increase in energy within a short time. Before buying it I just done some research the about the ingredients pros and cons of PhenGold and here is all the list:

  • 500MG GREEN TEA – Packed with catechins and caffeine, the weight loss benefits of green tea extract are supported by clinical research.
  • 250MG L-THEANINE – Studies show that Theanine can prevent fat gain by boosting your metabolism. It’s also known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • 250MG RHODIOLA SP – Known as a natural fat burner, Rhodiola reduces mental and physical fatigue, enabling you to burn more fat as you exercise.
  • 100MG GREEN COFFEE – Green Coffee contains Chlorogenic acid, known for reducing the amount of fat and glucose absorbed when you eat.
  • 300MG L-TYROSINE – Tyrosine slows down the depletion of vital neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline, allowing you to stay focused and alert for longer.
  • 200MG CAYENNE PEPPER – Cayenne pepper increases the number of calories that your body burns by triggering a powerful metabolism boosting effect known as thermogenesis.

As you can see, PhenGold is developed with all natural ingredients and therefore:

  • GMO Free.
  • LACTOSE Free.
  • SOY Free.
  • No Artificial Substances.
  • No Fillers or Dyes.
  • Vegan Friendly.

My PhenGold Experience

phen.goldNow about my experience with PhenGold, I didn’t find any solid reviews, and so i chosen to give it a try and I ordered 3 bottles and also got 2 bottles for free, I believed this is how much I will need to reach my target goal, well, in the event the product works, of course.

The delivery was outstanding, I mean I had no issues and my package turned up fairly quickly, which was a surprise i got very excited, I wanted to begin as quickly as possible and thoroughly record my weight loss and gain.

It included a PhenGold diet plan report which is basically various menus for various forms of men and women that was nice because I didn’t need to figure anything out, I simply needed to follow the plan.

The booklet also says that you need to take 2 pills every day, one 20 minutes before your first meal and another 20 minutes prior to your large meal.

I cautiously followed their program, even though, I have to admit that I didn’t usually eat correctly, even so, I do not exercise at all, below are my results:

Week 1
Honestly, this is when I was amazed, I lost a whooping 2.4lbs without doing any physical exercise, just eating right and consuming two tablets every day.

Week 2
Another 2.1 lbs lost, I became so happy, due to the fact I finally discovered something that was working as ‘promised’ or perhaps in close proximity to it.

Week 3
3.7lbs lost, this type of huge jump because I made a decision to try and not spend more on the pills and I began to brisk walk for 20-30 minutes twice a week. I recommend you start carrying out something too!!!

Week 4
3.2lbs down, well, the outcomes speak for themselves and that I was genuinely blown away.

So in conclusion, PhenGold works, PhenGold is not a scam and I strongly suggest you at least give 1 bottle a try, even if you’re as skeptical as I was.

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PhenGold Benefits and Side Effects


  • Enhanced metabolic rate suggests that you don’t have to exercise harder to get rid of fat.
  • Curbs hunger to support you with low calorie diet effortlessly.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Works rapidly so you don’t have to wait to see results.
  • FDA regulated Manufacturing process.
  • Improved libido.
  • Free and Fast Shipping.
  • Offers a 100 days money back guarantee (see Refund Policy for details).


  • Will be required to learn suitable meal- and eating plans for long-term weight maintenance.
  • Likely change in stool consistency.

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PhenGold Packages And Pricing

  • 1 Month Supply: Regular price $ 79,95 – Now $ 64,95 – SAVE $ 15,00
  • 2 Months Supply + 1 Month FREE: Regular price $ 239,85 – Now $ 129,90 – SAVE $ 109,95
  • 3 Months Supply + 2 Months FREE: Regular price $ 399,75 – N0w $ 184,85 – SAVE $ 214,90

Is PhenGold A Scam?

phen.goldPhen Gold is a extremely powerful weight loss diet pill that is made in California in FDA regulated Lab with the best grade of ingredients. They perhaps have created the most influential legal weight loss product presently offered without a prescription.

Since the launch of this amazing product in 2020, tens of thousands of content customers have come back to buy extra 60-90 PhenGold pills to get further tremendous weight loss results. The manufacturers of Phen Gold are so confident to bring you desired results that they are giving you 100 days full money back guarantee on every purchase. So your order is risk free for your wallet and health both.

PhenGold Conclusion

If you are looking for a solution to realize long-lasting rapid weight loss, and keep off from that excess fat for good, then I recommend PhenGold today. Read the PhenGold testimonials online.  You cannot find a better fat burning pills that are available over the counter. PhenGold is an amazing potent, speedy weight loss pill in a bottle, that has to be consumed twice daily, combined with a free diet plan to achieve unbelievable and quick weight loss results.